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What is Robotics?

“Yobots- Robotics made easy is a workshop especially conducted for young technical minds and robotics enthusiasts of all disciplines from diploma Institutes to Engineering Colleges of all the branches like Electronics, Telecommunication, Mechanical, Computer Science etc. YOBOT is an abbreviation for “Your Own Robot”. The students will learn about basic concepts, history, evolution, engineering practices, industrial use, component knowledge, programming integrities,

future technology, enhancements, study of logic in design and various machine building concepts, team work, adherence to theory and most importantly will acquire theoretical experience while working on the YOBOT robo kit. They will be introduced to fundamentals of robotics and will learn to apply them in real life. Self involvement in actual design will result in

best output in the way that students will confidently be able to make their own machine. The YOBOT robo kit is specially designed and developed by us.

Using this kit, students will make a robotic vehicle which can be controlled via four mediums. With this workshop, we ensure that the participants master electronics, mechanics and control any stream specific, i.e. all technical departments will have a common base for education.


Scope of Robotics

A specialization in robotics is a popular choice for students going abroad to study.  This field offers job opportunities and a robotics engineer can apply his mastery in diverse fields like modern warfare, surgery, nano-technology and space-exploration. Many funding programs and scholarships are available for research and PhD. students. Developing a robot comes with the goal of finding a solution to the problem. Along with the technical know-how, interest in research is essential. This field has no boundaries and will continue to grow until the machines

take over!








Different Levels of Control

Basic Parts of a Robot

Mechanical System

Power Supply

DC Motors: Construction & Characteristics

Gears, Spur & Pinion

Types of Switches

Hands On Session for development of a Line Following robot

Hands On Session for development of an Obstacle Avoiding robot

Bluetooth Communication

DC Motor Drivers

H-Bridge Motor Driver

Hands On Session for development of a Wireless robot


Introduction to MATLAB

How to access Serial Port using MATLAB?

Coding in MATLAB

Hands On Session for development of a Wireless robot using MATLAB

Hands On Session for development of a Wireless robot using Smart Phone





Robotic Model for a group of 5 students

Workshop Certificates

Implementation of 4 different Robotic Applications




Tools Used


Soldering Rods